Monday, July 14, 2014

Load Center


Unless you are a forklift operator it is unlikely you are familiar with the term “Load Center.” When using a lift truck or material handling lift such as a Lift’n Buddy it is vital to be aware of the load center to keep the machine stable. 

The easiest way to visualize the concept of a load center is by sticking your arm straight out. If you hang a weight from your elbow it will be much easier to maintain a straight arm than if you were to hang the weight from your fingers.  

This same principle applies to lift trucks. Let’s say a forklift is rated for 2000lbs at a 24in load center. This means the truck is capable of lifting a 48in pallet (24x2=48) that weighs 2000lbs as long as the load is against the back rest of the lifting platform. If you move the pallet away from the back rest the weight capacity will drop proportionate to how far out the load is placed. It is also important that the weight is uniform. If the 2000lb load has center of gravity near the front you will risk tipping the truck forward.  

Always remember that pallets and boxes may not be loaded to meet your lift trucks capacity ratings. You should always be mindful of your lift truck's capacity ratings, the weight of the load, and the weight distribution of the load. Operators that make a conscience effort to check these items will significantly decrease the chances of property damage, injury, or even death.   

Thank you for your time and attention.  Let’s make it safe this Monday.

Brad Lindemann
Sales Coordinator, Lift’n Buddy, a Southworth Company 

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