Monday, May 20, 2013

Behavior That is Rewarded will be Repeated.


Employees are the most likely to recognize a hazard in the workplace because they are on the front lines of your operation. Due to a biological trait, humans are programmed to repeat rewarding tasks. By taking advantage of this fact, companies can reward employees to create safer work environments. There are many creative ways to provide incentives for workers to improve a safety plan. To today on Make-It-Safe Monday we will cover how to provide simple incentives for workers to make their own jobs safer.

Suggestion Box: When looking for safety risks have employees drop ideas into a suggestion box. Any suggestion that gets put implemented will earn company merchandise like an embroidered shirt or jacket.

Close-Call Forms: Forms should be available to report incidents that could lead to a recordable injury in the future. Anytime an employee has a close-call a form should be completed and reviewed by the safety manager. This employee should be compensated with a lunch coupon or gift card.

Days since the Last Incident: Have your employees work as a team by counting how many days it has been since the last injury. Goals should be set at incremental target days with an increasing value of prizes for each goal reached. Prizes could be a casual dress day, company paid lunch, or company trip.

Rewards Banquet: Most businesses have annual outings or holiday parties where employees are recognized for their hard work throughout the year. Be sure to include a trophy or plaque for the safest department and the employee with the fewest incidents.

Always offer meaningful incentives that are appropriate to the level of accomplishment. A two year goal should be better compensated than a two month goal. Be punctual with your incentives to reinforce a strong connection between achieving a goal and being rewarded. Please be aware that most experts agree that rewarding employees for meeting safety goals is an effective practice, but should only be a part of a more comprehensive overall safety program.

Thank you for your time and attention. Let's make it safe this Monday.

Brad Lindemann
Sales Coordinator, Lift'n Buddy, A Southworth Company.