Monday, February 3, 2014

Starting the New Year off the Healthy Way!


With the New Year just having settled in, many people have been rushing to get fit and see some results! In fact, large retailers and gyms statistically have massive sales of health products during the month of January because of so many people trying to start the year off healthy. More than 12 percent of gym members join in January, compared to an average of 8.3 percent per month for the full year, according to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). The problem comes from the fact that most people new to the fitness life often expect instant results, and when they don’t see these results right away, they often get disappointed and give up. This is something that is all too common for most people.

The key to avoid failing your resolution is to stay encouraged mentally. A lot of people often get the misconception that fitness is all physical, that there is no mental aspect. Well this is very much incorrect; in fact, the mental aspect is just as crucial. You need to develop the correct mindset to be able to get yourself up, work out at the gym, and start seeing the results that you really desire. 

Probably the most important step is you must decide what results you actually want. Be practical. The problem many people have, which in turn leads to giving up, is that many people set their standards way too high. If weight loss is your goal, don’t expect to lose massive amounts of weight with ease. It takes a lot of work, and the same goes for muscle building. By setting your goals more practically you will have greater chances of reaching these goals which will leave you feeling accomplished and wanting to work out more.  

Next, scheduling is crucial. You need to decide how often you are able to work out. Develop a schedule that works around your school/work schedule and try finding a time where you can consistently attend the gym. 

Though the work in the gym is very important, most people overlook the two most crucial parts of fitness when it comes to results, and those are diet and rest. Eating healthy foods and keeping a balanced diet are extremely crucial when trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The progress you make in the gym working out will easily become useless if your diet consists of unhealthy, fatty foods. Also getting an optimal amount of rest each day is very important. When working out, your muscles get torn. Though this sounds bad, your muscles will heal where they were torn and in turn grow even stronger than they were before. If you continue to work these torn muscles without rest you run the risk of damaging these muscles and countering any growth that could have occurred. This means that you must allow your body to rest properly. 

Thank you for your time and attention. Let’s make it safe this Monday.

Phil Kwitek
Demand Generation Specialist, Lift’n Buddy, a Southworth Company

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