Sunday, October 28, 2012

Totally SCARY Stats


Today's blog is multi-themed; working together to avoid injury and scary statistics. Halloween is right around the corner. In honor of this, let's go right to the TOTALLY SCARY STATS:

If you receive this document, there is a major hole
in your company's safety program.

Musculoskeletal Disorders are the #2 Cause of lost time from work, behind only the common cold. Slightly over 20% of all workplace injuries are back injuries and of those back injuries 80% of all back injuries are to the lower back. The total direct and indirect costs are estimated to exceed over $50 billion annually.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Is your company OKAY with just paying  for injuries,
rather than safety programs and devices?!

It is clear these musculoskeletal back injuries are a major problem for employers. Mayo clinic lists the major causes of these injuries as:
  1. Excessive force-moving heaving objects and exerting too much force on the back.
  2. Repetition- repeating certain lifting movements leading to fatigue of muscles and injury.

The best ways to limit back injury in the workplace are to modify repeated tasks, avoid over lifting, limit stresses on employees back, and to lift properly. (Mayo Clinic)

A great way to prevent excessive stress on the back and repeated lifting movements is by using a mechanical lifting device such as the Lift’n Buddy ( The Lift’n Buddy provides repeated lifting cycles to limit repetitive stress on the employee and with a lift capacity up to 500 lbs. it can provide a mobile solution to lifting heavy loads of any form. Limiting back injuries in the workplace can significantly limit missed time and loss of productivity and a great solution is the Lift’n Buddy.

Injury statistics, as referenced above, are everywhere.  They are a dime a dozen. They are so prevalent, that for the common reader it is far to easy to gloss over these.  Because of this, the scare factor is diminished and complacency can take over.  This is when you are at the epicenter of the danger zone of workplace injury.  Therefore, I will exclamate, highlight, underline, and bold text to SCREAM through type the seriousness of workplace injury and the SOLUTIONS to eradicate this disease.  The following post is a contribution from Joe Wheatley, Demand Generation Specialist for Ergologistics:

Working Together to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

This Monday represents the beginning of European Week for Safety and Health at Work. This year’s campaign theme is “Working Together for Risk Prevention”, a valuable safety lesson for all to learn. It emphasizes employers and employees to work closely together focusing on making workplaces as safe and healthy as possible.

Martin O’Halloran, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority states, “Although the management of any organization has the ultimate responsibility for workplace safety and health, it is vital that workers can do their part and contribute to a safe and healthy working environment. We know that the best results will be found where managers and employees are working closely together towards the goal of healthy, accident-free workplaces.”

O’Halloran continues on to emphasize cooperation, “The efforts of employers are likely to fail without active worker participation. Managers should do more than just consult with their employees; they should foster a culture of genuine cooperation. Right from the top of the organization and down through all employees, the effective management of safety and health should be seen as an everyday part of running a business.

The theme of working together on prevention to create a safe workplace is something we should all take to heart. Employees face the daily risks are able to make suggestions to improve them, while a cooperating employer has a great opportunity to listen and put into effective safe solutions. Working together to create a safe workplace is something that benefits everyone involved. Employees receive a safe workplace while businesses are improved though fewer missed days, reduced insurance, and increased productivity.

Make it a safe Monday by keeping in mind cooperation between workers and employers is key to a safe workplace.

Joe Wheatley.

Thanks Joe, I couldn't agree more.  

Thank you for your time and attention.  Let's make it safe this Monday.

Aaron Lamb 
President, Ergologistics



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